Tile Cleaning

Tile CleaningTile Cleaning

Tile cleaning is one of our main services we provide. Even In the most extreme situations our tile cleaning process brightens your tile and restores your grout to its original color. We offer tile cleaning grout cleaning and tile restoration services on all type of hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, Mexican tile, porcelain tile, terrazzo floor’s, travertine, marble, granite and almost any other type of stone or tile. What ever your flooring is we can clean it. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our tile cleaning service.

Over the years, tile and grout can build up dirt and stains that seem impossible to get out. The dirt from shoes, kids and pets gets impacted into the grout rendering household cleaners useless. In some extreme cases, cleaners containing phosphoric acid are used when cleaning extremely dirty grout. The acid based cleaners are still safe for you household because the acid neutralizes immediately when your cleaning professional rinses your tile with water. The water and the dirt are then safely removed leaving your tile looking like new.

We treat your tile and grout with a two part chemical. Part one is a powerful tile cleaner and part two is a safe acidic grout cleaner. Then we scrub your tile and grout with our special designed grout cleaning brush. In our final step we use our truck mounted high heat, high pressure tile steam cleaner. Pressure cleaning your tile at 210 degrees.The final results will be amazing your tile will sparkle and your grout will look like new again. After we clean your tile we can seal your grout lines with a 5 year sealer. The products we use is for sealing grout is 511 impregnator, this product does not alter the texture of you tile in any way, just adds a clear protective barrier.



 Tile Cleaning Method

1. Treat tile and grout lines with acidic cleaner.
2. Scrub grout lines with grout brush.
3. Steam clean tile at 225 degrees 1200 psi.
4. Treat tile with a neutral floor cleaner removing residue.
5. Apply grout sealer if purchased.


Tile Cleaning Customer Testimonials

“We bought our house in April and the tile was in terrible shape these guys did and amazing job looks like new!”
Mary Roberts